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Principles of processing personal data

We take the protection of your personal data seriously and would like you to feel comfortable while visiting our internet pages.  It is important for us to take into account the protection of  your privacy while processing your personal details.  Personal data obtained while visiting our website are processed in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on the protection of personal data.

We are responsible for their protection and security.  Please familiarise yourselves with the protection of personal data, the principles and rights which you have in connection with  GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)   



Our websites has adopted the technical and organisational security measures to protect our administration of data against manipulation, loss, destruction and intrusion by unauthorised persons.  Our security measures are continually improving in line with the development of ever-improved technology.


Right to information

Upon request, we will notify you by return , if possible, and in writing, whether it has recorded personal data about you and what these are.  If incorrect information has been recorded, despite our best endeavours to ensure it is both correct and up-to date, we will rectify the matter forthwith on request.

Should you have any queries regarding the processing of your personal data, you may contact us at info@museummontanelli.com, where we are available not only to deal with requests for information but also in the case of making a motion or complaint.

We hereby declare that we, as the administrators of your personal data, will fulfil all legal obligations required by the relevant legislation, in particular the privacy law and GDPR, and thus:  we will process your personal data only on the basis of a valid legal reason, namely that in legitimate interest, execution of a contract, legal obligation or the granting of consent, we comply with Article 13 of the GDPR with the obligation to provide information before beginning to process personal data, that we will enable you and will support you in the exercise and enforcement of your rights in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and GDPR.


Data Protection Code

 Acquisition and processing of personal data

When you visit our web pages our web server will record the IP address that was assigned to you by the internet provider in the standard manner, the web page from which you are visiting us, the web pages of ours that you visit and also the date and length of the visit.  Personal data will be recorded only when you provide it by your own free will, for example as part of the registration or in the execution of a contract.


Use and transfer of personal data

By entering personal data on some of our web pages you are agreeing to receive a newsletter.  We use use your personal data for the purposes of technical website management, customer administration, for product surveys and for marketing purposes always only to the extent that is required

The passing of personal data to state facilities and official bodies only ensues due to reasons of binding legislation.  Our colleagues, agencies and merchants are bound to discretion from our part.


Deregistration possibilities

We only work with the data and contacts that have granted us permission.  We would like to use your details to let you know about our products and services, or to find out your opinion on them.  Participation in such campaigns is of course voluntary.  Should you disagree with them you may let us know at any time so that we can block the data accordingly.  In the case of email communication you can unsubscribe with the aid of the opt-out link shown in the footer of each email.



We use cookies to keep track of visitors‘ preferences in order to create web pages in an optimal way.  Cookies are small “files” which are stored on your hard disk.  These help to facilitate navigation and ensure a high level of user-friendliness on the web pages.  Cookies may be used to determine whether you have already visited our pages from your computer.  Only a cookie on your computer can be identified.  

You can disable the use of cookies in your internet browser.  



Extent of personal data and processing purposes 

We process the personal data which you yourself entrust to us for the following reasons (to fulfil these purposes):  

provision of services, execution of a contract
your personal data to the extent of: email, name, surname, telephone number, address are absolutely required by us for the fulfilment of a contract  (e.g. sending contracts, etc.) 

book-keeping and account administration purposes
If you are co-workers or employees, we absolutely require your personal data (invoicing details), in order to comply with the statutory obligation to issue and record tax documents and payroll details. 

marketing – sending newsletters
We use your personal data (email and name), gender, what you click on in the email and when you most often open it, for the purposes of direct marketing – sending information  newsletters.  We send you newsletters only on the basis of your consent, for a period of 5 years from its being granted.  In both cases you may withdraw your consent by using the opt-out link in every email sent.  

advanced marketing based on consent
Only on the basis of your consent we can also send you inspirational offers from third parties or use your email address for instance for re-marketing and targeted advertising on Facebook, and this for a period of 5 years from the granting of permission.  This can of course be withdrawn at any moment by using our contact details.

photographic documentation – live events
We retain your personal data for the duration of the limitation period, unless the law allows its retention for a longer period or else in certain specific cases where we have not stated otherwise.  


Transmission of personal data to third parties   

Our co-workers have access to your personal data.  So as to provide specific processing operations which we are unable to provide ourselves, we use the services and applications of processors who know how to protect data even better than we ourselves can do and specialise in given forms of processing.  They are the providers of the following platforms:  SmartSelling a.s. (SmartEmailing, MioWeb, FAPI, Proaffil) Facebook Google, accounting and auditing companies.  It is possible that in the future we will decide to use further applications or processors so as to facilitate and improve the quality of the processing.  We promise you, however, that in such an eventuality, in our selection we will place at least the same security and quality demands on the processor as we do on ourselves.  


Transmission of data outside the European Union

All personal-data processing will be carried out within the territory of the EU. 



Your rights in connection with the protection of personal data

You have a set of rights in connection with the protection of personal data.  Should you wish to make use any of these rights, please contact us via the email address: info@museummontanelli.com.  You have the right to any information already covered on these information pages within the principles of personal-data processing.  Thanks to the right to access you can contact us at any time and we will give you evidence within 30 days as to how your personal data are being processed and why.  Should anything about you change or should you find your personal data outdated or incomplete, you have the right to add to or amend the personal data. 

Right to limit processing

You have the right to limit the processing should you think that we are processing incorrect data, if you think we are processing illegally but do not wish to delete all the data or should you have raised an objection against the processing.  You may limit the range of your personal data or the purposes for processing .  (For instance, by opting out from receiving the newsletter you limit the purpose of processing for sending business communications.)  


The right to transferability 

Should you wish to take your personal data and transfer them elsewhere, we will proceed in the same way as we would in the case of using of the right to access – except that we will deliver you the information in machine-readable form.  Here we will require/I will require at least 30 days notice.  


Right to deletion (to be forgotten)

Your next right is the right to deletion (to be forgotten).  We do not wish to forget about you, but should you wish this to be, you have the right.  In this case we will eradicate all your personal data from our system as well as from all intermediate processors and backups from the system.  We will require 30 days to ensure the execution of the deletion.  In certain cases we are bound by statutory obligations, and we must, for instance, keep records of tax documents issued for the period of statutory limitation.  In this case we will delete all such personal data that are not bound by any other law.  We will notify you by email about the completion of the deletion.  


Complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection 

Should you have the impression that we do not comply with the law as concerns handling your data, you have the right at any time to turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection with your complaint.  We would appreciate it very much if you would first inform us about any such suspicion, so that we may do something about it or alternatively rectify any error. 


To unsubscribe from the sending of newsletters and business notifications 

We only send you newsletters and invitations to exhibitions on the basis of your prior approval.  You can cancel the subscription to our emails by pressing the log-out link contained in every sent email.

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