Daniel Pešta

Exhibitions  ›  Now&After Video Art Festival, Moscow, Gulag Museum

April 2 – 30, 2014  the State Museum of GULAG, Moscow

Daniel Pesta:  I Was Born in Your Bed, 2012-2013, 9:98

The entire concept is constructed on the simple principle of a school photograph. Two classes of small children, one of girls, one of boys, stand in typical neatly arranged rows, as we all know from our own school days snapshots. In their hands the children hold white/black transparent cloth satchels similar to those in which one carries indoor shoes for changing into. An adult strong voice can be heard, calling the name of one of the individual pupils. One by one the children pull the satchels they have ready in their hands over their heads. It is striking how the Roma children voluntarily subject themselves to these orders. This is how one child after another reacts, until they all have their heads covered. The transformation of an individual and a horde has been accomplished.




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