Daniel Pešta

Exhibitions  ›  Personal Structures, Palazzo Bembo, Venice 2015

Daniel Pešta: Nocturnal Head Records
2012–2015, Cycle of assemblages
Mixed media (Resin, painting, photographs, textile, leather, wax, string)


I have been working on the open cycle of assemblages entitled “Nocturnal Head Records” continuously since 2012, deliberately choosing formats which allow me to accumulate as much energy as possible in a minimum of space. The main material used for the works is resin, a symbolically dense and compact substance, which I combine with paintings or photographs that are subsequently transformed into other shapes and associations. Old stories are painted over with new ones and recent stories are morphed into new contexts. Subsequently, these elements are arranged into three-dimensional compositions and sealed, in several steps, in transparent or opaque matter.

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Personal Structures
Art Biennale, Palazzo Bembo, Venice
May 9 – November 22, 2015




Interview: Daniel Pešta, itsliquid.com


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